Jaro J Mikos,

born in 1989 in Tarnow, Poland, graduated of Photography at the Cracow School of Arts (diploma) and University of Fine Arts in Poznan (Bachelor's degree). His photography is what it takes: creative, subjective comment of reality - sociological reportage. CEO of co.jaro productions and co-founder of 5.12|studio. Currently lives and works around Scotland.

Selected exhibitions:

Static & Dynamic”, Pozytywka, Cracow, Poland 2010

That Something”, International Fotofestiwal in Lodz, FF Gallery, Łódź, Poland 2013

Close”, Pauza Gallery, Cracow, Poland 2013

Square-circle-triangle”, Festiwal of New Art „Labirynt”, Window Gallery,  Słubice / Frankfurt, Poland / Germany 2013

Loneliness”, Pauza In Garden Gallery, Malopolska Art Garden, Cracow, Poland 2013

„I(d)entity.  Primary Identification”, BWA, Zielona Góra, Poland 2014

immediately after”, Pauza Gallery, Cracow, Poland 2015

I am what I see”, Photo Fringe/ Cracow Photo Month, Cracow, Poland 2015

Selected books and publications:

immediately after”, handmade softcover zine ,210x148 mm,sandpaper cover, 2 copies, 32 pages,17 illustrations, photography, concept, design, layout: Jaro Mikos, Paris, France 2014

entrance”, handmade hardcover book, 200x160 mm, handprinted hardcover, 1 copy, 56 pages, 42 illustrations ; photography, story, concept, design, layout by Jaro Mikos, Cracow, Poland 2015

love statement”, handmade softcover zine, 210x160 mm, handprinted softcover, 1 copy, 40 pages, 39 illustrations ; photography, story, concept, design, layout by Jaro Mikos, Edinburgh, Scotland 2018

kode_s”, handmade softcover book, 210x160 mm, handprinted softcover, 2 copy, 64 pages, 63 illustrations ; photography, story, concept, design, layout by Jaro Mikos, Edinburgh, Scotland 2018

„i-on” magazine #164 Edinburgh, Scotland 2019

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